As they say – you will not make progress – and that’s true. The evolution of electronics is constantly ahead and new technologies are evolving to surprise us.

Print everything you want
Before that, it was absolutely inconceivable that we could have a printer that will produce everything you ever imagined. When the first 3D printer was developed, it appeared to us as something completely incomprehensible and complete leap in the development of electronics, something completely innovative that once changed the whole structure of the electronic world.

But did you know that 3D printers today are not such a “boom” as they used to be, but are you already able to build such a printer at home? I think, of course, good homework – of course, it’s not as easy as putting a figurine from Kinder’s eggs – so far.

But 3D printing is still a complex science, and it takes a lot of time to build it, as well as enough money to make your result effective and usable. If you have decided to create such a printer at home, you must be armed with sufficient peace and patience, because it is a very demanding and minimalist job.

First you have to choose the correct printer design. In particular, it must be sufficiently stable in price compatibility. Most dozens choose adrus boards with separate engine controls. But what kind of hotels? This is much more complicated than choosing the basic design. You have to choose between two filament filters – 2mm and 1.75mm. You can also choose a hotel either all-metal or with insulation. You also need to consider setting the fiber supply to the nozzle.

The creation of such a printer will cost you around 10,000 – but you should have a pre-agreed reserve because it can surprise you with different cables or fasteners and reduce the price.

And what do you need to build a printer?

Plastic components
Metal profiles
Guide bars
Bearings on Rod Bearings
Gear pulley
Toothed belt
Extruder screwdriver
a board under the heating bed
Threaded rod
Flexible couplings
Stepping motors
Glass on the heating element
Extruder fan
Endoscope Switches
So if you decide to build, you believe that you will be happy with the result and progress will continue.