Any company can only be as good as its management. Many managers put a lot of effort into making a company run great. However, the result is not always what is expected. This is usually due to the fact that the company lacks a quality management tool or uses multiple tools that do not work together. Large and small companies that have managed to make it in the market have achieved their success mostly because they use a quality ERP system and you can use it too.

Why is a ERP system so important in a company?

Is your goal to get a project management – software? A ERP system includes it and in addition a wide range of other functions. The most modified ERP system is AutomaticERP. It is a tool with which you will be tailored to include all the necessary functions so that you do not have to use multiple programs that would only delay you. You can manage your employees and all projects from here conveniently. You can assign employees to projects, track their workload, attendance, work schedule and also communicate with them from here. For projects, a Gannt chart is used so you can see a great continuity of tasks.

The program has a clear interface that is divided into different entities according to what you need to work on. For example, you have accounting, clients, advertising campaign management, etc. Since there is an email client, you can communicate not only with employees but also with clients from here and even view all the detailed information, including billing and completed orders. You can create and send newsletters and offers. Importantly, you can view important data here and in the form of graphs, so you’ll be able to see information you may not have known before, such as your turnover trends, your company’s profits, your website traffic, employee efficiency and more. Interested in more information? Visit to try the system for free.