Put yourself a question, motivates you to take a look at the luxurious life to be more successful? Do you consider luxury as snobbery or as proof of success? In any case, you can not enjoy luxury without success. Success can be compared from a variety of viewpoints, but at present they are mainly money.

Whoever is mine, he is well. Whoever does not have it, he can get better, but he will never experience what it is like to wake up and know that you are not in the minus. Or also wake up to a beautiful luxury yacht somewhere in the Caribbean, instead of a restless awakening in a block of flats on the outskirts.

The problem of many people is that they have a very poor imagination and that’s why they lack motivation. You can try it yourself. By the seaside, you’ve probably been on the boat, or at least on the pedal boat, you’ve probably already traveled. Imagine now that you are not on a boat, but on a yacht, you hear the noise of the sea, and the only thought that troubles you is if you eat lobster or caviar.

Motivation for you can be a luxury ship Vega 4. This is a ship that used to carry coal over 54 years ago. Although it would have been considered to be worthless scrap today, the $ 2.5 million investment made it a luxury seafront.
The entire ship is 130 feet long and looks like a luxury suite. The ship has three double bedrooms, a large outdoor terrace and luxurious amenities that stretch over an area of ​​2300 square feet.
The ship features state-of-the-art kitchens, a fully stocked bar, cloakroom, fireplace, boats room, and a private gym. There is even a telephone available at the neighboring Rafayel Hotel. The ship is anchored near London and the reason for buying a ship, instead of a brick house, is that life at sea is less expensive than land. The only thing that needs to be paid is fuel in the tank, which comes out at just $ 3,000 a month.