Already, the caregivers of our parents have shifted to the head that only through high-quality education and tough work can we get to the money. Unfortunately, most people solve their lives in such a way and they do not always have to wait. Today’s story can be an inspiration to show you that even a simple idea can turn an ordinary boy into a multi-millionaire.

For our achievements in the field of business, we often come up with complicated procedures, but we do not notice that right before our eyes, we have opportunities that we can just grasp and implement.

The name Vermont’s Matt Benedetto probably does not say anything to you, but if you are regular users of the iPhone, you might know it. This is a man who managed what every young man dreams about. He achieved rapid wealth through a good idea. It’s interesting, but the best ideas usually happen by accident.

The whole story of Bendett would be a good date from his thirteenth year of life when his mother learned to hook him. He tried what it was like to create his own winter cap for the skiers. This was the first of his business activities, but the crochet of his caps did not earn enough money for him as he imagined.

The idea that brought him to Heavenly Heights fell to his lap by accident by listening to music from his iPhone. Bendetto stared at the cables from the iPhone and wondered why they were so common. She was intrigued by an intriguing thought, went to the store and inspected all other iPhones. “They’re all the same, or at least similar,” he thought. At that time, he did not even know he would become the main manufacturer of iPhone textile cables.

He was only studying college and deep in his pocket. Bendetto remembered he was very good at crochet, he could hook his cap like few. How would the cables from the iPhone look like if they were braided with interesting textiles?

This idea did not just sleep and he thought that when iPhones were so popular, it would certainly be appreciated by their own users if they could buy cables in different colors of braid. Bendett’s decision was clear, he must realize his idea. For the realization, it was necessary to take several first steps, the first of which was to find a producer who would not only be willing to go into the idea but who also had the technology to make such cables.


Eventually Bendetto was successful, found a producer who was willing to let go of his idea and realize it. This was preceded by a total of ten overseas manufacturers. Initially, there was not enough money for mass production, and Bendetto simply had to verify that his idea would appeal to the final consumer, iPhone users.

Bendetto knew very well that, if his product was to be successful, he had to set a price that would convince customers to buy himself. The standard 30-pin dock-to-USB connector was available for $ 19, requiring a significantly lower cost.

When the cables began to be produced, the colors of the braid were chosen in three combinations of colorful colors and then they also decided for an elegant combination of braid in black-green color. Bendetto initially produced 1,200 pieces of cable with a price of $ 14.95 per piece. The cables were only available on one page.

To all the doubts the idea was found to be a great success, and the cables with braiding became an absolute sensation. People bought all of their color designs. Bendetto had to start expanding production quickly to cover as many orders as possible. Within one month, the production increased from 1200 cables to 7200 cables. The price rose to $ 17.95 and offered a longer version of the cable for $ 22.95. Within a few more months, his orders rose to an amazing ten thousand.

The beginnings were very hard for him, but despite his incredible efforts and good ideas, he had earned his success. With the idea expanded, he approached blogs and shops. Its products can be found in gadgets in many stores around the world. His sales were so great that he had exceeded the sale of Apple’s own cables, which had signed a contract with him.

At present, Bendetto is no longer focusing on cables but also other USB accessories, including shining connectors and many other ideas that have also found their place in the marketplace under the sun.

Lessons for everyone:

Good ideas can also be preceded by a completely unobtrusive idea. If you have a good idea, do not be afraid to realize it, the only thing that can happen is that you will encounter a failure. Bendetto met him many times before he reached his dream. It is necessary to give up and, in the case of creative ideas, to ensure that every such idea gets its chance for realization.

If you have not been successful with the ideas you have until nowadays, it’s time to stop thinking and just look around. Maybe you just get rich because of the simple idea.