The kitchen is the heart of every household. It is essentially the most crowded room. But it also costs a lot of money. Food preparation is often demanding, especially financially. Not every time you can cook delicious food, quickly and cheaply, especially when you are going for a family or a visit. Try one of our advice and maybe you will save a little.

Good shopping

Every time you go for a purchase, it’s a good idea to set up a menu for a whole week to know what raw materials are needed, just build a shopping list according to the menu, so you will not be able to buy all the raw materials you do not need.
Buy practical raw materials in double quantities, half that you need, process, and put the other in the freezer.
Purchase ingredients in larger and hence cheaper packages.
Get quality dishwasher. At the moment, it is advisable to use Jar, which offers good quality and effect for good money. The removal of grease is very effective and lasts long, as opposed to cheaper means.

Edit recipe

To keep the recipe, you can save it by using the more expensive version of the recipe that you use in a half dose, so instead of 1 kg of beef you only need 0.5 kg and put the other half in the freezer for another dish. Half of the missing meat will replace vegetables or pasta.
If there are exotic raw materials in the recipe that you know you do not want to use again, then replace them with regular raw materials, no matter where you have left.

It is good if you put a glass bowl of clean water in the fridge, which you use for the rest of the fresh vegetables that you put in it so you do not have to throw a piece of carrot, celery and the like. Vegetable residue, then use it for soup.