Perhaps each of us has ever sought inspiration and tried to be original. Have you ever managed to shock the environment with a great idea? If so, you’re happier, but it’s usually the opposite. Surely we agree that it is best to combine the pleasant with the useful, so best to work with the fun. If you do that, you are an imaginary winner of happiness.

But it is not at all possible, you are certainly capable and your field of work in which you are working. But the same thing is done by the thousands and millions of people around you, even in the same fields. Do you still feel so good, or did your ego begin to fall to the bottom? Today we will introduce you to the story of a man who proved that in order to be truly original and unique, just inspiration. We often concentrate on something so intense that we can absolutely shut down all the ways in which inspiration can flow. Sometimes it needs to be relaxed and the idea comes alone, like lightning from the clear sky.

You probably do not know the FieldCandy brand tents. No wonder, we do not sell here. But if you knew her, maybe you might remember the name of the man who trusted those tents, John Harris. Initially, John Harris was no known, he was a graphic designer and furniture designer, there were always many.

John always wanted to create something more, something that would only be his. You also know that feeling well. Fortunately, John was not in his own business but with her partner Rhona Carr. Once they both thought they were spending little time together and that it would be best to go out and go somewhere, best in nature. None of them knew that this trip would be fatal. Just at camping John got a great idea that they could start a business in original tents with themes he had never used before.

At that time, however, the range of tents was such that you could buy a tent in one, at most in two colors, so this idea was so revolutionary. John and Rhonda decided to implement the idea. At that time, unfortunately, they had nothing but $ 400,000 and influential friends (ironic note editors). But it was enough for them to get the idea started. They got together the co-producer and a manager who also used themes from famous people to make the tents really good selling.

Do not be fooled, however, the picture tents were not very good. These are high quality tents made of solid materials that can reliably serve your entire life. They have now become big distributors of British and US tents. John, as the founder of the FieldCandy brand, is doing more than well.

What is your scope of competence? Are you thinking thoughtfully about how you could use it in some industry? Turn off your brain for a while and go out to nature with your girlfriend. When you release the tension in your head for a moment, you will see for yourself that fresh ideas will swarm one after another. Also, do not look for all the inspiration on your computer, it’s best to find it around you.