Are you on Facebook? Probably yes. Are you on Twitter? Maybe not. And on Google+? Do not you know? The expert survey has made an overview from which we are happy to tell you what the biggest mistakes are made by business people on social networks.

Maybe you’re wondering what business and social networking are you doing now? If you do not know or at least do not know, you are probably unsuccessful. Or do not perceive social structures as a suitable space for communicating with the world.

Increasingly, self-promotion on social networks is among the most effective ones. The popularity of promotion has so far been primarily SEO and PPC in search engines. Yes, it is true that the first places in the search engines are a clear predominance, but surveys show that companies that rely only on social networking have the same, sometimes better, results.

This is because most people spend most of their time on Facebook or other networks. It is for them relaxation, comfort and fun. If you offer anything else (in search engines, transparencies, etc.), users perceive it as a forced advertisement and literally become closed for any external stimulus to buy anything. It is only when social networks are turned on that these barriers are unraveled and the user is able to receive everything, even ads. It is simply a friendly world where nothing is refused, and that is the reason for success.

How are you with social networks? Does your business already have accounts on all networks? If not, then believe the opposite could be extremely beneficial to you. In case you are already on or you are preparing to enter the network, read the following 12 errors that you should not do in any way.

1. Do not ignore social networks – social networks themselves are preparing the tools for best promotion and offer you various tips on how to get better results. When you listen to it, you will succeed if not, so you will barely reach the average.
Small focus on individual social networks – social networks have a huge scope. Most businesses, however, concentrate only on one of them and are thus limited to the reach of users. When you inform about something, inform them on all the social networks.
Do not talk about yourself – self-centered focus is a big mistake. If you talk only on your networks, everyone discourages it. Talk about problems and how to deal with them. Explore new services.
Use videos – not just videos but also pictures and anything else. Users are not only interested in boring text, they want to see something interesting.
Do not jump without thinking – if you do something about social networking, place it according to a strategy that has the right user to reach, for example, to buy. If you place posts inappropriately, they will be ignored.
Communicate and still – many people have social networks, but they absolutely do not respond to fan reactions. If you want to be successful, you have to be yourself a member of the community you are creating.
Use emotions – use posts that are positively and negatively tuned. Be sure to post your thoughts, just let the content of the papers be varied.
Too much activity hurts – take a look at the business on social networking sites, but do not waste more time than you need. Time is money.
Having an account does not mean making a marketing – you can not make a success on social networks by updating content twice a week; you have to contribute constantly, so the fans get used to regular content.
Do not think it’s free of charge – setting up an account is possible for free, but if you have to promote a business, then you have to make use of the paid services to succeed.
Be Unique – Make sure your user accounts are not the same as each other, Make sure your posts are also specific.
Engage – Choose themes of posts so that users take interest and force them to read them. Try to get involved in every post.