According to experts, it is just the heating for which the most is spent. Heat energy accounts for almost 60% of the total energy consumption of each household. If you are one of those who overheats, you will pay more. With few measures, consumption can be reduced by several percent. It can even be tens of percent.


Intelligent systems or thermostats help with rapid heat regulation in both homes and businesses. The systems also have lots of programs and features. By regulating heat, about 20% of the cost can be saved.

The benefits of so-called intelligent appliances include their ability to set heating on specific parts of the day, especially for each room, and to ensure that the rooms are not over-heated. Remember, each extra level is a higher power consumption, up to 6%. Lower temperature, on the contrary, ensures that you save. According to experts, it is possible to save about 2,500 crowns a year for every single stage.

Which temperatures to set

Kitchen = 20-22 ° C
Living room = 20 – 22 ° C
Bedroom = 18 – 20 ° C
Children’s room = 20 – 21 ° C
Bathroom = 22 – 24 ° C
Corridor = 17 – 19 ° C

Curtains and curtains

There are almost everybody at home, although today they are more modern blinds and the like. There are, of course, households that do not have one, yet dominate those with both. However, their use increases the consumption if they do not only cover the window but also the heater under the window. If you hide the heating by the curtain, the heat does not get into the room and the energy consumption increases by up to 40%. When you place a reflective foil behind the heater, not only will the heat reflect better, but the heating power will also increase. Interestingly, so-called passive buildings have about 90% less energy consumption than conventional houses.

Insulate the house and seal the windows

If you have a typical wooden double-glazed window and you do not want to change it, let it simply rewrite it. Ordinary glasses for simple windows can be replaced by a thermal insulating double glazing together with a suitable seal. This can reduce consumption by up to 50%. Older windows and doors must be insulated. A suitable seal prevents heat loss. Absolutely inadequate is long ventilation, which causes up to 75% of heat to be lost. Short window ventilation is recommended. In this case, micro-ventilation is absolutely inappropriate.