If you do business from your home, it probably means you are successful entrepreneurs who can organize their time. But what about your work space is really as clear as you need? Maybe you know what this article does in our magazine?

In today’s article, we point out the main mistakes in home offices, at first glance, these are small things, but in the final you will find that these little things steal you every year tens of hundreds of hours of life that you would like to spend differently

The efficiency of the work is very noticeable. It should be remembered the fact that if you have to do any extra work you need to do day by day, it takes you a lot of time every year, and it is usually simple to make the work more efficient. Below are some tips that may make your business easier.


For your work you need a quiet and pleasant place. Why? Because in absolute calm, the brain does not have to focus on external stimuli, and you can concentrate on your work with your entire being. Your office should be pleasant because you spend a lot of time in it and the unpleasant environment easily leads us to depression. Instead, we should avoid dark spaces that even go for creativity. Absolutely the ideal place is a bright room with great views. The great outlook gives us occasional peace of mind, and we feel less trapped and so we can work longer.

Your office should also be in a place where you have easy access to the network, Wifi, telephone and other essential things. If access is complicated, you need to fix it so you do not have to deal with things that take up a lot of time every day.

If you are a workman who needs coffee every two hours, for which he travels over half a house to prepare her and then has to have a cigarette, otherwise the coffee would not taste them, then count how much time this will take. A remedy could be to buy a coffee machine directly into the office and an e-cigarette that you can inhale even at work.

Think about all the activities that rob you of time, put them on the paper, you will find that you spend at least an hour of time every day unnecessarily. Then think about how to eliminate or reduce these activities.

Time for your basket

Each of us has one human property, which is very often a big obstacle, and it is a mass of things. The more we have things, the more time it takes for us to orient them, let alone quickly find the thing we are currently looking for.

The most effective solution is to take a deep breath and throw away absolutely everything we will no longer need. From old receipts to note papers (or a cut model from a men’s magazine, which for unknown reasons is among the invoices).

Your order should, however, not only concern the near space around the computer or the files. You should also clear your work space directly inside your computer. If you have a link to a fun video, holiday photos and several computer games right next to the work software icon, you should definitely think about whether it’s really necessary to have fun at work.

You should also remove things you are not currently using. If you have a computer full of important things that you will sooner or later need but at the same time prevent you from being simply backing up and removing it from your computer. It’s best to use an external hard disk to back up, and just keep things on your computer that you currently need for your work. Many paper documents can be scanned, saved, and paper versions discarded.

The same applies to small data carriers. We certainly remember that, in addition to younger generations, every conscientious entrepreneur backed up almost everything on small data carriers. From bookkeeping to book travel, projects, or invoices issued. Since the micro SD drives were the same sci-fi as a hundred years ago, mobile or tablet, everything was backed up to floppy disks and CDs. If you also have many of these backups, it may be time to free up space and replace them with a single postage stamp.

Interestingly, the things that appear to us at first glance are obviously stopping us every day. Workspace organization should take place at least once a month. If you have an inspirational article, find a pencil in the stack of papers on your desk and take notes step by step to make your work more efficient. These businesses are often hired by specialized firms, but why pay for things we can do for ourselves.