Nature often gives us great examples as well as people. One of them is storage of autumn stock on frosty days, so let yourself be inspired and go out into nature to collect crops. Not only will you beautify your head and your products, but you will appreciate more, but you can save a lot.

And what can you gather and dry in this color period? Where to go?
Each year, so many foods are thrown off that they feed all hungry countries, so more and more initiatives (such as Save Food) have begun to tackle the issue of waste. You can even go to the field or have it emptied and capture for yourself and your family fruits or vegetables that would otherwise shine unnecessarily because it is because of a lack of visibility.

Pay attention to the owner
While there is nothing wrong with collecting remnants, the owner of the field or file may have a different opinion. Therefore, make sure the owner has no problem with your presence before entering the field. Fruit is simpler. Look at maps of orchards or trees on the roads where ripened pears, apples, and plums ripen. In this case, you should always check the owner’s contacts or ask the local council to agree with the collection.

Be original
Apples, pears and nuts know each one. In autumn, however, it also offers the opportunity to collect interesting crops such as hawthorn, hawthorn or thorn, herbs then quaint or daisy or rabbit wreath.

And how to harvest crops? There are no boundaries for imagination, many recipes for special teas, syrups, marmalades, but also sweets are available on the internet. You can try jelly marmalade, teaspoonfuls or pear syrup.