You always look forward to your grandmother because you know you’re a bit soft, some sweet dot will also be baked – but how is it always so?

What about women today?
There were times when the family was traditionally divided – the man went to work, assuming money and food, and the woman was at home at the plate when she was welded, took a cloth or vacuum cleaner or laundry. Only women were in the household and it was a classic division of everyday duties. Today the Czech household without the salary of women simply did not come.

Even three quarters of the male population would still like to have a nice home at home when they returned from work to be home, fine, fragrant and great atmosphere. Now, unfortunately, it is not possible to unite. Even though one is still considered the head of the family and also the main breadwinner, but in many families it is just a woman who earns more money than a man.

Today’s women can not even imagine that they should stay home all day and spend only homework. Today women are emancipated and need a degree of self-realization that they no longer find in their homes. This traditional mode is simply irretrievably gone.

In any case, social conventions still indicate that even if a woman is employed, household care is still a responsibility. Often it seems that a woman returns all day from work and the second shift in cooking and cleaning is waiting for her at home. And we have not even forgotten the fact that if a woman has children, it is usually the one who takes care of it to get the next day to have schools perform these tasks and clean up their evening teeth.

Everything just means a woman, and only a small part of them can do some highly responsible work in addition to this merry-go-round. Or even work like men usually does. So, our men, think about what your wife needs to worry about, and sometimes we just cook coffee and try to clean the dishes. They will be very grateful to you.